Rape Culture


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Rape culture is often defined as the way society supports sexual violence through condoning sexual violence through attitudes, beliefs, and actions. While we may think of rape as the violent act, rape culture is many forms of violence including jokes, insults, shaming, public images, coercion, among other biases, assumptions, and actions that hurt the targets of sexual violence (both men and women). At Defined Lines we want to know how this culture operates in your life: How does rape culture permeate the media you consume? The conversations you have with your friends? The expectations that people have of you as a woman, or as a man? Let us know, help us define the impact of rape culture in your life.

Define it!

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What about this video from Cat del buono? All those tips are, you’ve got it, another part of rape culture that puts the onus on the potential victim rather than create a collective culture that intervenes and stops rape from occurring.


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